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"I understand that it will not be easy to achieve this state of mind, but it will be well worth the effort because this kind of inner peace frees up enormous potential for creativity and joy," 

 -  Dr. Paula B. Miller


We specialize in Prospering Souls & Lives. Helping individuals to be proactive and focusing on solutions which minimize challenges and provide stability to one’s life. 

Commit yourself to growth. When we commit ourselves to growth, we are saying that we are worth the time and energy and begin to focus on improving our quality of life. Making a sustained investment in our personal development does not always come easy, but the rewards can certainly outweigh the effort.

Meet Dr. Paula B. Miller

"Try to be conscious of your own thoughts and feelings in order to understand yourself better and focus on those valuable things in life that matter most family, friends and personal growth" Dr. Miller stated

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Women on The Rise is an event hosted by

Dr. Paula B. Miller.

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Women on the rise global magazine represent our individual stories of overcoming difficulty, to inspire and promote women doing great things globally.

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Other Ways to Engage with


Group Coaching

Helping your group learn from and with each other to take effective actions. 1 Hour of your time for group coaching weekly will be impactful for your organization.

Virtual (Zoom)

Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with Dr. Miller to share, establish goals and priorities. Begin making changes in your life Today.

Seminar Speaking

Request Dr. Miller to speak at your College, Church, Business, or Organization for life changing strategies.


We all can benefit by having a prosperous soul and achieve peace of mind, freedom from worry, fulfillment in our lives and work, and absence of fear. Schedule a 1 on 1, Virtual, Group, Mentor or Master Class Today.

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